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Understand Your Best Friends

What can I say, I am a proud dog mama and absolutely love my Shih Tzu girl! Her unconditional love opened a world that gave me the desire to become an animal communicator which I learned from a college in England. In my animal readings I will connect telepathically with your pet and through my psychic skills I will receive messages. 

We always want the best for our pets, and because they cannot talk to us about their pain or issues, I will be the bridge between you and your beloved pet. As my teacher Ms. Lynn Parker who taught “Animal Healing and Communication” from the Arthur Finnely College; explained to me, that our pets come to our life for a specific reason. I will provide you insights on why they are in our life.


How It Helps

  • Rescue animals:

    An animal reading can be a powerful tool, when a traumatized pet comes into an owner’s life, and don’t know what their beloved pet went through prior to their rescue. I may be able to provide information about their past journey, and this can help to understand their needs and or issues of your pet.

  • Behavior issues:

    In my readings I will see if your pet has any behavioral problems and more importantly, I ask your pet why they act the way they do and together we will find solutions to their problems.

  • Wellbeing or physical pain:

    Because your pet can not express if they are in pain or why they are sad or frustrated. I will look into your pet’s mental, emotional and physical state and relay their messages to you. Please be aware I don’t give any medical advice, if you need medical advice, please see your veterinarian.

  • Animal that has passed:

    Losing your beloved pet is devastating and missing them is the hardest thing. Through my mediumship abilities I will connect to your pet that has passed and relay any message they have for you.

Price List

Pet Reading

$140.00Per 60 minutes
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Please be advised all readings are only for use by adults 18 years or older. For legal reasons please be advised that all my readings are only used for entertainment purposes and any answers you receive from me should at no time be regarded as medical, financial, legal, psychological, and/or business fact. All information you are receiving from these readings are for guidance only, if you need professional advice, please contact the appropriate qualified expert. Booking and paying for an appointment confirms that you understand and agree to these terms.