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Get clarity on your soul’s next evolutionary step.

The Akashic Records is a library of information that holds all the details about your soul’s journey from the past life and present.

If you are looking for answers about your life, an Akashic Records reading can help you; the following are some examples:


How It Works

You can use my sample questions or ask anything that you need clarity in your life. Please prepare your questions ahead of time, and I will answer them during the reading.

Main focus of this reading are the questions that you will bring to the session. I will also provide you guidance and clarifications of the information that I receive from the gatekeepers of the Akashic Records. I usually receive this information as I connect to your Akashic Record about 60 minutes prior to the session. 

Please note: This reading is for one person only and can be done via Zoom or Phone. If you live in the San Diego area we could also meet in person for an extra charge of $25.

Price List

Akashic Records

3 questions

$160.00Per 60 minutes
Schedule session

5 questions

$190.00Per 90 minutes
Schedule session


Please be advised all readings are only for use by adults 18 years or older. For legal reasons please be advised that all my readings are only used for entertainment purposes and any answers you receive from me should at no time be regarded as medical, financial, legal, psychological, and/or business fact. All information you are receiving from these readings are for guidance only, if you need professional advice, please contact the appropriate qualified expert. Booking and paying for an appointment confirms that you understand and agree to these terms.